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ClickNet updates Y2K compliance software

The San Jose, California-based start-up will roll out the next versions of its Year 2000 compliance software package for the desktop.

San Jose, California-based start-up ClickNet will next week roll out the next versions of its Year 2000 compliance software package for the desktop.

ClickNet Y2K 6.0 enables organizations to assess software compliance, while ClickNet VeriDate 5.0 allows users to analyze data in spreadsheets and databases and to convert "at risk" dates in Excel 97 and Access 97.

Back to Year 2000 Index Page The company claims the two new products, used together, can make PC hardware, software, and data year 2000 compliant.

With just about eight months to go before January 1, 2000, corporations should be moving past assessment and into remediation, or the fixing stage, to be successful with their Year 2000 products, according to the company.

ClickNet's new products "will allow our customers to move on into the final stages of their Y2K projects," said Vince Rossi, ClickNet's vice president of marketing.

ClickNet Y2K 6.0 allows corporations to assess and manage desktop compliance by using its automated network inventories, hardware and software compliance assessment tools, a new feature for testing repaired software, and project progress monitoring tools.

The ClickNet Y2K compliance knowledge database tracks more than 37,000 applications titles and software patches, and provides the latest compliance information about the software maker's recommended corrective actions, Rossi said. ClickNet keeps the database updated and accessible online 24 hours a day.

ClickNet VeriDate 5.0 provides users with date conversion applications, allowing them to scan PC data and convert "at risk" cells and tables within Microsoft Excel 97 and Access 97 files. VeriDate also helps users to distinguish between an actual date reference in a cell and a data entry that could be confused as a date.

VeriDate runs can run on Windows 3.x, Windows 95, and Windows NT and can directly analyze most commonly used database and spreadsheet file formats (including macros and Visual Basic for Applications), and can analyze databases via ODBC as well.

Much like a virus checker, ClickNet VeriDate is designed to be used on an ongoing basis, and can be configured to either scan entire data volumes, or new or updated operational systems, the company said.

ClickNet Y2K 6.0 is licensed by computer, and is priced at $24 per PC, with an upgrade price for existing customers at $4 per PC. VeriDate 5.0 is priced at $17 per PC, and has no upgrade price for existing customers.