Clickfree backup goes wireless and portable

Clickfree announces a new backup solution that works wirelessly.

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Dong Ngo
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The new Clickfree Wireless Backup device.
The new Clickfree Wireless Backup device. Clickfree

LAS VEGAS -- Advanced users need not apply but Clickfree's backup solutions, such as the Clickfree C2N could be lifesavers for many home/novice users, when it comes to backing up important data. By far, Clickfree has been offering the most easy-to-use backup solutions on the market.

And yet, it gets even easier as the company announced at CES 2011 a new solution called Clickfree Wireless. This new backup drive shares the same principle as the Clickfree C2N: once setup it works autonomously without requiring users' interaction. The difference is, it now works wirelessly, without even being connected to a computer.

And the setup part seems easy, too. According to Clickfree, you can do that by simply plugging the Clickfree Wireless device into each computer for the initial setup and backup, which is done automatically unless you want to further customize the backup settings. This is similar to how the C2N works.

After that, subsequent backups will be done automatically via wireless N. This means the device can be placed anywhere in the home and does not need to be plugged in to a computer anymore. This only works, of course, with homes that have an existing Wi-Fi network.

The Clickfree Wireless works with both PCs and Macs and has a built-in DVD burner in case you want to further back up data on a DVD. Its benefits include:

  • Easy-to-use, fully automatic wireless backup. No computer or wireless network knowledge required.

  • Patented Autorun feature that automatically installs and sets up.

  • BackupLink technology that automatically links multiple computers for backup.

  • Backs up both Windows and MAC computers on the same unit.

  • Smart Restore allows for easiest and totally automatic recovery of your backed up files.

  • Smart Computer Migration allows for easy transferring of your data to a new computer and/or to a new operating system (Windows and Mac).

  • Smart Viewer allows for organized viewing of all your backed up data. Offers easy sharing of photos via e-mail or Facebook.

  • Music Manager enables you to easily share all the music and playlists you have on your iPod, iPad, or iPhone devices.

The Clickfree Wireless Backup is available now and costs $179 for the 500GB version and $249 for the 1TB version. Clickfree says that larger capacities of the product will available in the first quarter of the year.