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Claris makes authors out of everyone

Claris offered a free beta version of its Home Page Web authoring appication.

Claris today made a beta version of its Home Page Web-authoring application available for free download from its Web site.

Home Page is designed to let users who know nothing of HTML, the language of the Web, to design pages. At the same time, the tool supports the more sophisticated Web design features, such as tables and multiple frames per page, Java and JavaScript, and class libraries that allow drag-and-drop editing. The final release of Home Page 1.0 is scheduled for late summer.

Version 1.0 will not support Microsoft's ActiveX controls, but company officials said the next version will.

Home Page works on Windows 95, Windows NT, and Macintosh systems. Claris acquired Home Page from San Andreas Systems in a deal announced last month with undisclosed terms.

The acquisition instantly put Claris into the Web-authoring market and gave the software company a keystone product for its Internet strategy. Other elements of that strategy include Internet access from its ClarisWorks productivity suite and a partnership with third-party software vendor EveryWare Development to connect FileMaker databases to the Net.

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