Chipper in the new year

Intel looks good as we enter 2002, with two new chips and upbeat reports from analysts; and Asia promises some interesting semiconductor developments.

CNET News staff
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Intel breaks out of 2001 doldrums
According to several analyst reports, the heavyweight chipmaker closed 2001 on a high note, thanks to unexpectedly large demand for its chips.
January 4, 2002 
New Pentium 4 to alter competitive map
The design of the Northwood chip, to be introduced Monday, lets Intel dramatically shrink processor size, meaning lower costs--or higher profits--per chip.
January 3, 2002 
Intel trots out 1.3GHz Celeron
Ahead of next week's Pentium 4 launch, the chipmaker introduces the budget-friendly chip for low-priced desktop PCs.
January 4, 2002 
Growth in 2002 for Taiwan chip designers
Production of the country's emerging microchip-design industry is expected to grow 24 percent in 2002, the Ministry of Economic Affairs says.
January 3, 2002 
Japan chipmakers may join forces
Eleven of Japan's major chipmakers, including Hitachi and NEC, are allegedly investigating a possible joint company to produce next-generation chips.
December 31, 2002 
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Semiconductor sales gain in November
The Semiconductor Industry Association offers a glimmer of hope for the struggling chip industry, saying that global semiconductor sales rose in November.
January 2, 2002 
Pentium 4: Too hot to handle?
When Intel's chip comes to notebooks next year, consumers will discover a boost in computing power--and possibly an extra fan.
December 12, 2001