Cheap iPhone shown off in colorful mock-ups

New pictures show what the rumored cheaper, plastic-encased iPhone could look like in all its colorful glory.

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Wondering what a cheap iPhone would look like? As rumors heat up that Apple will unveil a cheaper iPhone alongside the 5S, new renders show the rumored phone in glorious technicolor.

These images were gathered by MacRumors and Ciccarese Design based on previous leaks and rumors, complete with colored casings and iOS 7 appearing on the phone's screen.

Apple is reportedly poised to unveil not one but two iPhones this year: a full-fat successor to the iPhone 5 expected to be dubbed the 5S, and, for the first time, a cheaper model too.

Rumors suggest the cheaper model could be called the iPhone Light. As well as lower specs, the budget iPhone is expected to have a plastic case that comes in a rainbow of colors. Earlier leaked pictures showed what could be the cheaper iPhone clad in yellow, red, and green.

The iPhone Light is expected to be 8.5mm thick, slightly chunkier than both the current model and the expected 5S. And the new iPhone will be the first to show off iOS 7, the latest version of Apple's mobile software and the most dramatic new look for iOS since the iPhone was born.

The next generation of iPhone is expected later this year.