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Chatting with Intel CEO Paul Otellini

Intel CEO chats with NPR's Moira Gunn about where he sees the company heading under his leadership.

SAN JOSE, Calif.--Intel CEO Paul Otellini spoke at the Churchill Club on Dec. 1, answering questions from interviewer Moira Gunn of National Public Radio. In the audience was his former boss, Andy Grove, former Intel CEO. Click on the videos below to watch Otellini talk about what he learned from Grove, where he sees the company headed under his own leadership and how he imagines the future of wireless.

Otellini says using less energy and shifting to parallelism (multicore chips) are key initiatives for the chip industry. The chipmaker chief says Google's costs today for electricity outpace those for hardware.

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Explaining Intel reorg

Intel's CEO describes how a focus on markets, rather than products, better positions the company to deliver what people want. He also discusses how the chipmaker's engineers are adjusting to a recent company reorganization.

In describing his year as the assistant to former Chairman and CEO Andy Grove, Otellini says he learned that he couldn't pull the wool over Grove's eyes. Intellectual honesty is a requirement, he concludes.

During an interview at the Churchill Club, Otellini calls Wi-Max "disruptive technology." The chipmaker chief tells NPR's Moira Gunn where he thinks the wireless standard can lead communications.

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The future of wireless

NPR's Moira Gunn asks Otellini about his vision for global wireless networking. His answer: It will be a completely different production and economic model.