CES: Turtle Beach aims to replace standard Xbox 360 headset

Turtle Beach is releasing an alternative to the standard Xbox 360 headset along with a budget-friendly PS3 stereo headset.

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Jeff Bakalar
Turtle Beach

LAS VEGAS--While the Turtle Beach lineup of products at CES was highlighted by the announcement of the PX5, we were surprised to see the company go after Microsoft's standard Xbox 360 chat headset.

Surprisingly enough, the XC1 doesn't seem to offer anything that the current 360 set doesn't already do, though judging from the few photos we've seen of it, we'd imagine it will be more comfortable to wear during those long Black Ops multiplayer sessions. We'll have the final word on that when we get our hands on one this spring for $25.

Finally, Turtle Beach introduced the budget-conscious P11 headset specifically designed for the PS3. The P11 offers an affordable, amplified stereo headset solution for not just the PS3, but the PC and Mac as well. The P11 goes on sale this spring for $60.

Turtle Beach at CES 2011 (photos)

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