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CES: Slingbox functionality comes to Google TV

Slingbox has developed a site designed for Google TV that allows users to access their DVRs and watch content over the Web. According to a report, the app comes with the same interface as the Android version of Sling's program.

A screenshot of Sling on Google TV.
A screenshot of Sling on Google TV.

Slingbox functionality is on its way to Google TV, according to a new report.

Technology blog ZatzNotFunny is reporting that Sling Media has developed a Web-based application for Google TV that allows users to control their DVR and access programming from the site.

Sling, which is currently showing off the product at the Consumer Electronics Show, reportedly told ZatzNotFunny that the Google TV option features the same interface available on the company's SlingPlayer Mobile Android app, which launched in June.

ZatzNotFunny says the Google TV-optimized site streams content at 1080i and should launch "sometime this year."

Further details on the site, like whether Sling will be charging users for access to it (the company's mobile apps for the iPad, iPhone, and Android devices cost $29.99), are unknown. But considering Google TV still doesn't have an applications marketplace available to consumers, Sling's option seems like the next best thing for its users.

Sling Media did not immediately respond to a request for comment.