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CES: New JVC receivers upgradable with MotionX-GPS app

A new partnership allows JVC's receivers to connect to the MotionX-GPS Drive app to add in-dash navigation.

Adding GPS to JVC's 2011 video receivers is as simple as downloading an app.
Adding GPS to JVC's 2011 video receivers is as simple as downloading an app. Antuan Goodwin/CNET

LAS VEGAS--Car audio manufacturers often tout some sort of way to upgrade their video receivers to support GPS navigation. However, that has usually meant purchasing an expensive module and paying for a second installation. If you have one of JVC's new KW-AVX series and an iPhone, adding navigation may be as simple as downloading an app.

JVC has announced a partnership with Fullpower, creators of the MotionX-GPS Drive app for the iPhone, to allow its receivers to interface with and directly control the MotionX app. After connecting an iPhone via the KS-U30 USB audio and video cable, you can display a map with turn-by-turn directions on the receiver's large 6.1- or 7-inch touch screen and output spoken instructions through the car's speakers.

The iPhone's A-GPS receiver supplies the location awareness and the handset can be dashboard- or windshield-mounted to display auxiliary information on the smaller touch screen, such as a compass or a list of upcoming turns, or let you select your next point of interest. You also have full access to your iTunes media library.

MotionX-GPS Drive is a 99-cent download, but requires a $19.99/year subscription to access turn-by-turn directions. So look elsewhere if the idea of paying a subscription for your turn-by-turn directions is a turnoff. Even with this recurring fee, it would take about 5 to 10 years of paying the annual subscription to match the cost of the average GPS add-on module.

JVC's 2011 line of KW-AVX receivers includes the 6.1-inch KW-AVX640 ($499), the KW-AVX740, which adds Bluetooth ($549), and the top-of-the-line 7-inch KW-AVX840 ($649), all of which should be shipping in March 2011.