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CES: LG's IPS monitor for gamers

LG introduces the E70V, an IPS monitor targeted at gamers. Monitors for gamers are usually TN-based, so this should make for an interesting hybrid.

An IPS gaming monitor, with a remote! LG

LAS VEGAS--Coming into CES 2011, I was considering the possibility of seeing an IPS-based monitor with a WLED backlight and a thin profile. LG must have been reading my mind.

At CES this week, LG introduced the E70V series, IPS monitors targeted at gamers. Usually gaming monitors are made with TN panels, as that technology has a propensity to support fast gameplay with minimum input lag. Input lag is the difference in time it takes the monitor to respond to the last command from your input device, like a mouse or keyboard.

For most, input lag is undetectable--only the hardest of hard-core gamers, those who depend on split-nanosecond timing, are likely to notice the difference when using the majority of LCDs.

IPS monitors, however, are known for their wide viewing angles, delivering images with only the smallest amount of color shifting when viewed from an off angle--but IPS is not the technology one thinks of when considering low input lag.

Input lag isn't something I usually notice, but it is of concern to people who want to squeeze every last ounce of advantage out of a gaming setup. For those who fall into that category and are ready to pass the E70V by, LG has implemented a "non-delay thru mode" in the E70V, that purportedly will "prevent delay during online gaming."

Incoming specs:

  • 1920x1080 resolution
  • Hot-key remote
  • Picture-in-picture
  • 300 cd/M2 brightness
  • VGA, DVI, HDMIx2, Audio out

Look for more info in the coming months.