CES: LG unveils one of the slimmest monitors ever

LG brings new meaning to "slim" with its E2290V. This could possibly be the slimmest monitor we've ever seen.

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Eric Franklin

The superslim E2290V has one of the thinnest monitor profiles we've seen. Eric Franklin/CNET

LAS VEGAS--Over the last few years, with the advent of LED backlighting technology, monitor panels have been on a hard-core diet or sorts, getting thinner and thinner. How thin you ask? How about a thinness of 0.28 inches?

This week at CES 2011, LG presented what may well be the thinnest monitor ever built. Hmmm, even using the word "built" seems to betray the sleek elegance this monitor conveys. "Forged" seems like a more appropriate term.

"Forged" seems even more appropriate when the E2290V's striking metallic-chrome chassis is revealed. Suffice it to say, this one won't have much trouble standing out among the plethora of black, plastic cases that epitomize most monitor designs.

The display will also make use of LG's Super LED power-saving mode.

Incoming specs:

  • 1,920x1,080 resolution
  • 250 cd/M2 brightness
  • 10 million:1 Dynamic Contrast ratio
  • 2ms refresh rate
  • VGA, DVI, HDMI connections

Look for more information in the coming months.

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