CES: Denon, Marantz add AirPlay with $50 upgrade

AirPlay is coming to Denon and Marantz receivers, including the Denon AVR-4311CI and several other favorites. But in order to get the functionality, consumers will need to pay an additional $50.

Don Reisinger
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Don Reisinger
AirPlay is available on Denon and Marantz products.
AirPlay is available on Denon and Marantz products. Screenshot by Don Reisinger/CNET

AirPlay is making the rounds at CES this year, and now it's coming to Denon and Marantz receivers.

D&M Holdings, the company that owns both Denon and Marantz, announced today that several of the companies' receivers are getting AirPlay support. Apple's AirPlay, which allows consumers to wirelessly stream songs from their iTunes libraries on their computer, iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch to another device, is available for the Denon AVR-4311CI and Denon AVR-991, among others. It's also available for the company's N7 Networked CD Receiver and 2.0 Channel Speaker System.

Those who own the Marantz SR7005 receiver, along with its AV7005 preampllifier, M-CR603 Networked CD Receiver, and NA7004 Network Audio Player will also have access to AirPlay.

However, there is a catch with D&M Holdings' new offering. The company said that in order to get AirPlay on the supported devices, consumers will need to purchase the upgrade for $49.99 on the Denon or Marantz Web sites.

Denon and Marantz aren't the only companies getting in on the AirPlay craze at CES this year. Bowers & Wilkins unveiled an AirPlay-compatible wireless iPod speaker yesterday, while Klipsch showed off AirPlay-enabled sound bars at the event.