CES: Creative's Tactic3D Omega wireless gaming headset plays with everything

Creative has announced the Sound Blaster Tactic3D Omega wireless gaming headset, the first cross-platform wireless headset for console, Mac and PC gaming that is "fully integrated."

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David Carnoy
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The $199 Tactic3D Omega wireless gaming headset works with Windows PCs and Macs, as well as the PS3 and Xbox 360. Jeff Bakalar/CNET
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LAS VEGAS--In announcing its new Sound Blaster Tactic3D Omega headset, Creative is touting the wireless gaming headset's versatility, calling it "the first wireless, cross-platform gaming headset to work with the PS3, Xbox 360, Mac, and PC, which is fully integrated."

What does fully integrated mean? Well, the wireless technology is built into the headset itself, so the Tactic3D Omega doesn't require any extra attachments to function with gaming consoles--and PCs--wirelessly (the headphones are powered by a rechargeable battery). However, as you can see from the picture, a powered dongle does have to be plugged into your machine, whatever it is.

That dongle is powered by an AC adapter, not USB. It's also worth noting that there's a line input on the dongle for connecting other devices, such as media streamers, TVs, and MP3 players, which is nice.

The headset, which features 50mm drivers, has volume, mute, and connection controls integrated into the headset, as well as a detachable noise-canceling microphone. Creative says its wireless technology is "designed to eliminate static interference, which affects other headsets, and delivers game audio with ultralow latency, a critical feature for competitive gameplay."

The company also points out that the headphones are good for motion-control games (Kinect, PlayStation Move) because they're wireless and allow you to move around freely. They also work just fine for watching movies and listening to music.

We got a chance to try the headset out and were impressed by the overall sound quality, and the virtual 3D surround was well implemented. On the Mac and PC side, the headphones support THX TruStudio Pro.

The Sound Blaster Tactic3D Omega headset will be available in February 2011 for $199.99 (list).