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CES: Bigstream battles for your iPhone, iPad content

If the Apple TV isn't your cup of tea, there are options. We took a look at one of them here ate CES.

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LAS VEGAS--If your home doesn't have a Wi-Fi network (or even if it it does) you can still get your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch multimedia content onto a TV screen. Bigstream is a two-part hardware solution the has a transmitter you plug into your Apple device, and a receiver you plug into the AV or video jack of your TV.

The benefit is being able to quickly play music and games, watch videos, and run Keynote presentations online. In addition to your own content, you can also launch YouTube videos, Netflix, and other third-party apps.

In the case of games, the iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch then becomes the game controller. There's very little lag time with games, as we saw in our CES demo, and there are three physical channels you can switch among if you run into any interference.

Useful, but Bigstream has its drawbacks. At $99, it costs the same as the Apple TV set-top box, which also has a remote feature for playing device content. Bigstream is wired, but it also doesn't have a wireless option if that's what you prefer. The AppleTV earns extra points for renting out HD TV shows and movies.

Still, if gaming is your thing, Bigstream is at least worth checking out in our video.

Bigstream links iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch to TV
Bigstream plugs iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch into your TV. Jessica Dolcourt/CNET

Article updated 1/8/2011 at 12:10 pm PST to correct a statement about music playing capability.