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CES 2009 preview: Gaming

What to look for from the world of gaming at the 2009 International Consumer Electronics Show.

The Kama Wireless Nunchuk was our favorite gaming product from last year's show.

While last year's CES didn't offer much in terms of gaming, it would appear that CES 2009 has a lot more in store. This is partially thanks to the Nintendo Wii, which has not only solidified itself as the best-selling console of this generation, but because the system lends itself so well to third-party accessories. We expect to see plenty of new products announced exclusively for the Wii from companies like Mad Catz and Nyko.

It's possible that Microsoft may reveal some new info regarding the Xbox 360 hardware. Rumors of a Blu-ray drive continue to swirl, so it's always a long shot.

Sony will certainly have a presence at this year's CES, so we hope to see some new information regarding the console as well. With the PlayStation 3 now in full swing, we'd imagine the company will show off some first-party accessories, possibly even an announcement about Remote Play, which lets you use your PSP along with your PS3 in real-time gaming scenarios.

With Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 both heavily invested in digital media, we think a lot of third-party manufacturers will announce new solutions for managing your content as well as new ways to stream the multimedia to your console of choice.

Of course we expect to see dozens of new entries for all consoles in terms of charging solutions and alternative game controllers, so be sure to check with us every day of the event for the latest and greatest from the showroom floor.