CBS Webcast: Examining the Biden-Palin debate

The vice presidential candidates focus on the economy, war, taxes, and their readiness for the White House. Katie Couric and the CBS News political team offer a recap.

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Natalie Weinstein

The first and only debate between the two vice presidential candidates, Sen. Joe Biden and Gov. Sarah Palin, covered a broad array of subjects, including the economy, war, taxes, and their readiness to help govern the country.

Neither technology nor the tech industry came up in the 90-minute debate, which took place Thursday night at Washington University in St. Louis. However, the issues of alternate energy and oil dependence were brought up several times.

Although many pundits had predicted a verbal battlefield and the possibility of gaffes from Palin, the two were generally cordial to one another, and Palin made no major mistakes.

For a recap of the debate, see the Webcast presented here from Katie Couric and the CBS News political team.

For more stories about the debate, including fact checking of the veep candidates' statements and a post-debate poll of uncommitted voters, see the complete coverage of the campaign from CBS News.

The final two presidential debates are set for Tuesday and October 15, respectively. CNET News will likewise feature links to the live streaming of those debates and the wrap-ups from CBS News.