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CBS live Webcast: Presidential debate, round three

CBS News and CNET will be presenting Wednesday night's presidential debate, followed by Web-only analysis and commentary. Tonight: domestic policy and the economy.

Just as the economy has dominated headlines in recent weeks, it is likely to be the overriding issue Wednesday night in the third and final debate between John McCain and Barack Obama.

The presidential candidates will take to the podium at 6 p.m. PDT, this time at Hofstra University in Hempstead, N.Y. Moderating the debate--which is to focus in on domestic policy as well as economic matters--will be Bob Schieffer, the chief Washington correspondent for CBS News and host of the show Face the Nation.

Both McCain and Obama this week released new proposals on ways to reinvigorate a punch-drunk economy. After a pummeling last week, the markets have shown a glimmering of a rebound; meanwhile, the latest stimulus effort by the U.S. government involves taking a stake in a number of banking institutions.

You can watch the debate live and online at the CBS News Debate Webcast site. It will be followed by a Web-only analysis and commentary session with Katie Couric, the CBS News political team, and guests. You can also submit your own questions, now or during the event, at the Debate Webcast site.

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