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Cabletron keeps data flowing

Cabletron Systems will unveil a new Ethernet switching module for its high-end platform, continuing an industry trend.

WASHINGTON--Cabletron Systems will unveil a new Ethernet switching module for its high-end platform tomorrow at ComNet '97 that continues a trend in the industry toward high-performance networking products.

The new module for the company's MMAC-Plus enterprise switching chassis includes 24 Ethernet ports and four Fast Ethernet ports. The product is ideal for Ethernet-based local area networks (LAN) or workgroups that desire to connect their networks to systems and high-speed backbones, the pipe that interconnects multiple LANs.

The new switch follows several integrated Ethernet and Fast Ethernet networking gear announcements in the industry. As small networks migrate from older technologies, such as Token Ring topolgies, Ethernet on the desktop and Fast Ethernet to connect a network to a server are becoming the most cost-effective way to keep users happy and data flowing smoothly.

The new SmartSwitch can be managed via Cabletron's Spectrum management platform and also includes remote monitoring (RMON) management capabilities.

The MMAC-Plus SmartSwitch is available immediately for $23,995.