Business revamp to MySQL debuts

Version 5.0 of the popular open-source database adds several new features.

Karen Said
Karen Said Staff Writer, CNET News.com
Karen Said is an assistant department editor for enterprise coverage.

As expected, MySQL released a major upgrade to its popular open-source database software on Monday. Added features in MySQL version 5.0, which was in development for more than two years, include the ability to create stored procedures and SQL functions. Version 5.0 also supports programmed event triggers and for views, or restriction of access to portions of the database. The upgrade also introduces federated and archive storage engines and a migration toolkit to simplify transference of data to MySQL from Oracle, SQL Server and other databases.

The revamp is part of MySQL's push for corporations to adopt its open-source products. The company claims 6 million installations of its software, and is betting on distribution partnerships with Novell and Dell to extend this. MySQL 5.0 is available as a commercial supported product and as open-source software. It can be downloaded under the open-source GPL license from the MySQL developer Web site.