Broadbase targets managers

The firm releases a new packaged data mart and analytical tool in an effort to woo the customer management industry.

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Broadbase is targeting the customer management industry with a new packaged data mart and analytical tool.

The Menlo Park, California-based firm today announced the release of Broadbase version 1.3, a packaged data mart, and the release of CRMPerform, a new tool to analyze data stored in customer management software.

Broadbase is attempting to position its product as the platform of choice for new analytical tools hitting the market that measure and analyze a company's performance. International Data Corporation estimates the market for such applications will reach $2.6 billion in the next three years.

The enhancements to Broadbase 1.3 include support for relational databases such as Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle servers, the ability to access the system across the Web, and interfaces to leading enterprise resource planning systems.

Broadbase is also unveiling a new product called CRMPerform. It is an analytical application for use with Broadbase 1.3 and comes with interfaces to leading customer management software systems. Broadbase also struck deals to integrate CRMPerform with customer management systems from Clarify and Vantive. It allows users to slice and analyze data such as sales history, customer buying cycles, and support costs that is typically stored in customer management software.

Some of the uses Broadbase sees for its product include pipeline analysis to locate and fix bottlenecks in the sales process, more accurate forecasting of revenue, analyzing marketing campaign effectiveness and product mixes, analyzing at-risk customers, and spotting trends in support to fix problems before customer calls.

CRM Perform is available now and costs $85,000, which includes the Broadbase data mart. Broadbase 1.3 costs $49,950 and is available now in North America and Japan.