Bird makes its own e-scooters now, and will deliver one right to your doorstep

The Bird Zero is more rugged and provides 60 percent more battery life.

Gordon Gottsegen CNET contributor
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Gordon Gottsegen

Bird designed and manufactured the Bird Zero in collaboration with Okai.


You may have seen those Bird e-scooters scattered around the streets of busy cities. Well, now they're getting an upgrade.

Bird just announced the Bird Zero, a new e-scooter coming to Bird's fleet. Bird's previous scooters were built by Chinese company Ninebot (the parent company of Segway), but the Bird Zero is designed and manufactured by Bird in collaboration with Okai.

The Bird Zero is more rugged and long lasting than its predecessors. It has a battery that lasts 60 percent longer, more solid tires and a wider and longer riding chassis. It also comes with improved GPS and lighting.

Bird says the Bird Zero scooters will be rolling out throughout the US in the coming weeks.

In addition to the new scooter fleet, Bird also announced Bird Delivery, where the company will deliver a scooter to you with all-day rental. Bird says that riders will be able to request a scooter and it will be delivered to their home or business by 8am, and then use the scooter throughout the day. No more searching for available scooters.

Bird has yet to reveal where Bird Delivery will be available, but you can sign up on Bird's website if you're interested.