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Big Apple schools refuse Macs over Wi-Fi flaw

New York City schools are holding off on accepting further Mac shipments until the company fixes a Wi-Fi problem apparently related to Mac OS X Leopard.

The New York City school system has refused to accept any more iMac shipments until Apple fixes a Wi-Fi flaw, according to a report.

MacBook shipments are on hold to Big Apple schools until the other Apple fixes a Wi-Fi problem. Apple

MacNN is reporting that the city's Department of Education has instructed Dell Managed Services, which is apparently the DOE's IT partner, to stop all iMac shipments until Apple fixes a Wi-Fi connectivity issue. The exact nature of the issue wasn't explained in MacNN's report, which cited an e-mail from Apple to school faculty apologizing for the problems.

It's unclear how long this problem has been going on, but AppleInsider reported that some shipments have been on hold for almost two months, which was right around the time Apple shipped the 10.5.2 release of Leopard. A reader directed us to several discussions on Apple's user forums regarding Leopard Wi-Fi problems that go back as far as November.

AppleInsider also believes that Apple is getting set to fix the Wi-Fi flaw in the next release of Mac OS X Leopard, which will be 10.5.3. That's expected sometime in the next few weeks, although signs have appeared that the update will be here sooner rather than later, as Apple also works to correct a QuickTime flaw with that release.

An Apple spokesman said the company is looking into the issue. If you have been running into any kind of Wi-Fi connectivity problems with your Leopard machine, let us know.