Ballmer jabs at VMware

At last night's Churchill Club event, Ballmer said you can't charge three times as much for software as for hardware if you want to make virtualization mainstream.

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Ina Fried

One of the topics I didn't get a chance to write about during last night's Churchill Club speech was Steve Ballmer's comments on virtualization.

Here's a ZDNet video with Ballmer talking about Microsoft's "opportunity to democratize virtualization."

For those who want to skip to the money quote, here it is:

"If you want virtualization on 80 percent of servers instead of 5 percent of servers, you better not charge three times as much as the price of the server for the virtualization," Ballmer said. "For certain high-end applications, the approach that VMware has used is a perfectly good approach, but it's not an approach that is going to lead to virtualization of a high percentage of servers."

ZDNet posted other videos as well, including Ballmer on the economy and on competition with Google.