Axis server to add DVD

Mindful of data-hungry NCs, Axis Communications will upgrade its StorPoint CD-ROM servers by year's end.

CNET News staff
Anticipating the needs of data-hungry network computers,
Axis Communications will add support for DVD to its line of StorPoint CD-ROM servers by year's end.

The Axis StorPoint CD server acts independently on networks, sending DVD data straight to clients without routing it through a file server, according to the company. When Axis ships a free upgrade later this year that can be downloaded over the Net, the StorPoint CD family will be able to use up to 7 DVD drives and up to 56 discs.

Axis expects to benefit from the emergence of new Web appliances such as no-frills network computers that have no local storage capacity, and instead draw content and applications from servers. With the DVD upgrade, the company's StorPoint servers will give companies fast access to more storage capacity than today's CD-ROM discs.

DVDs are a new class of storage with far greater capacity than CD-ROMs. DVDs currently store about 4.7GB of data; CDs have a maximum capacity of about 650MB.

A recent report from IDC predicts that by the year 2000, DVD-ROM shipments will surpass CD-ROMs sold, with 117.6 million DVD units expected in 2001.

The company also announced it is now shipping its new network CD-ROM server, the Axis StorPoint CD for Token Ring environments.

The Axis StorPoint CD supports NetWare, Windows, OS/2, Unix, and Web protocols, giving users simultaneous access to CD-ROM-based information over most networks.

Current Axis CD servers are priced at $799 for Ethernet and $999 for Token Ring.