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At long last, Apple's iPhone 5 comes to Virgin Mobile

The carrier will start selling the iPhone 5 on June 28 on its Beyond Talk plans. The 16GB option will set customers back $549.99.

Apple's iPhone 5.
Apple's iPhone 5.
James Martin/CNET

Apple's iPhone 5 is on its way to Virgin Mobile, the carrier announced Friday.

Starting on June 28, customers will be able to buy the white or black iPhone 5 on Virgin Mobile's Web site, at the company's dealers, and at RadioShack. The 16GB model will set customers back $549.99, while the 32GB and 64GB options will be available for $649.99 and $749.99, respectively.

Rumors have been circulating for months that Apple was planning to bring its iPhone 5 to Virgin Mobile. In October, in fact, rumors had suggested that the iPhone 5 would come to the prepaid Virgin Mobile unit sooner rather than later. That never happened.

Now that the iPhone 5 is coming to Virgin Mobile, however, all of the speculation can go away. Upon buying the iPhone 5, customers can enter into Virgin Mobile's Beyond Talk plans, offering unlimited 3G and 4G LTE data and messaging. The plans start at $35 per month. Virgin Mobile is offering a $5-per-month discount for those customers who sign up for automatic monthly payments.