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At IDF, Intel touts core competencies

Chipmaker opens up connections to outside processors. Also: Pint-size motherboard is used for a "poor man's blade."

Chipmaker opens up connections to outside processors and looks beyond upcoming quad-core tech to an 80-core "teraflop" processor.

Processor, memory may marry in future computers

Intel is researching technology that weds memory chips to processor cores, and can yield impressive gains in speed and efficiency.
September 28, 2006

Next-gen notebooks to feature Nokia chip

Laptops to sport improved graphics support and an integrated 3G chip on motherboards bearing Centrino update.
September 27, 2006

blog Chipmaker reveals that the platform known as "Bensley" will be upgraded with the quad-core "Clovertown," due in November.
September 27, 2006

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Exercise equipment with Intel inside
Stationary bike streams music and video.

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VW, Intel and your wireless future
Car, driver and handheld device communicate.

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Intel's Otellini: Terabyte per second
The future of processors as Intel sees it.

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Apple takes a bow at Intel forum
Apple's first appearance at the Intel Developer Forum.

Pint-size server motherboard makes debut

S3000PT is half the size of a regular server motherboard, letting two fit inside a small rack-mounted machine.
September 27, 2006

Intel to extend x86 for new tasks

Future-generation "Penryn" chips will include new instructions to speed search, math and multimedia.
September 27, 2006

Intel opens up chip connections

To counter AMD's "Torrenza," Intel announces two moves that will let others connect their accelerator processors tightly to Intel's chips.
September 27, 2006

Intel: Quad core to turbocharge chips

PC performance will increase 70 percent for some applications, company says--but power consumption rises, too.
September 26, 2006

photos Wafers of prototype 80-core chips and PCs sporting Intel's upcoming chips are on dazzling display.
September 26, 2006

blog The PCs, typically installed in the trunk, serve up music and in some cases video.
September 26, 2006

Intel pledges 80 cores in five years

CEO Paul Otellini reveals plans at IDF to ship a "teraflop" processor around the end of decade with 80 cores.
September 26, 2006

DirecTV's Viiv box almost ready for prime time

Set-top box that works with Viiv-compliant PCs on the way, but hurdles remain on the chipmaker's path to digital living room.
September 26, 2006

photos Prototype processor with 80 cores would perform a trillion floating point operations per second.
September 26, 2006

Steeley chip portends lower ultramobile prices

Few people today are buying UMPCs, but a new chip and lower prices could help by early 2008.
September 26, 2006

blog Fans of shows including "Heroes" and "Studio 60 on Sunset Strip" will soon be able to download them.
September 26, 2006

Intel to announce low-end Xeons

Chipmaker plans to debut its Xeon 3000 processors at IDF this week; Core 2 Duo variants are for low-end servers.
September 25, 2006

Intel puts four on the floor

This week's Intel Developer Forum should reveal more about quad-core processor designs and plans for mobile and server chips.
September 25, 2006

blog Can new ads alienate viewers less and still give advertisers a better idea who's watching?
September 24, 2006

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Intel to sell new Itanium servers

"White box" systems, running on "Montecito" processors, can be emblazoned with other PC makers' logos.
Photos: New Itanium servers
September 22, 2006

AMD's CTO says Intel messed up

newsmakers With a few strong years of market gains and product reviews, AMD isn't about to rest on its laurels.
September 22, 2006

Multiply is in. But will Viiv do fractions?

Intel's new marketing slogan: Multiply! Chipmaker to release a big ad campaign to promote dual-core processors.
September 17, 2006