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At CES, Sharp goes big. Really, really big

The company stakes out its leadership claim with new 80-inch 3D TVs, giant screens that allow companies to collaborate, and new smart services.

Sharp unveiled a wide variety of new TVs at its CES press conference Monday, including an 80-inch 3D TV, and many other models. The company said it plans on rolling out 17 new 60-inch-plus TVs in the next 90 days.

At CES today, Sharp went big. Really big.

The company said during its press conference this morning that it plans on putting out 17 new TVs this year that are 60-inches or bigger. Leading the pack is its new 80-inch 3D TV, which it will release in April. The TV features a new technology called "3D X-Gen."

All its other new TVs will begin shipping this month.

During the press conference, the company covered a wide variety of technologies, including its new Aquos Board screens, which provide users with collaboration tools that it says are essentially a next-generation, digital whiteboard.

This is the new Aquos Board screen from Sharp. Sarah Tew/CNET

Sharp also said it also now has prototypes of HDTVs with so-called "8K" resolution that it is calling "Super High-Vision." These have 7,680 pixels of horizontal resolution.

Another big announcement was Sharp's new 70-inch full array local dimmer, technology migrated from its Elite TVs. Sharp's 945 series will offer this backlighting technology in two sizes, 70-inch and 60-inch.

Sharp has four new Quattron TVs Sarah Tew/CNET

The company also has four new models of its 3D Quattron TVs in both 60-inch and 70-inch versions. These will feature 3D and an ultraslim aluminum design. These models, the 847/745 series, have edge-lit LED screens featuring 3D X-Gen panels that are housed in the company's "ultraslim and narrow-bezel design" that also have a brushed aluminum finish.

These TVs have Wi-Fi onboard. As well, Sharp's Smart Central TV system, which will be included with all of its Aquos TVs, will let users access Netflix, Hulu Plus, Facebook, and other services. Up to four users will be able to have their own profiles. Further, all new Sharp TVs will feature the oddly-named Beamzit, which will allow users to send photos from their iOS and Android devices to their TVs.

This is the Sharp Smart Central service Sarah Tew/CNET

Finally, Sharp unveiled a series of new TVs called Aquos Freestyle, which are "truly a moving experience," it said. These TVs will come in 20-, 32-, 40-, and 60-inch sizes and can be moved around easily. The 20-inch model, which can run off of battery power, even has a handle for easy carrying.