Artisoft embraces NT for networking

The software maker schedules Windows NT-related enhancements, hoping to regain a foothold in the ultra-competitive networking market.

Beleaguered software maker Artisoft (ASFT) today announced a strategy to embrace Microsoft's increasingly popular Windows NT operating system in an effort to regain a foothold in the ultra-competitive networking market.

The Tucson, Arizona-based company made inroads into the networking market years ago with a peer-to-peer network operating system called LANtastic, but with demand for that technology ebbing, the company has moved to address the remote communications, Internet, and computer telephony markets.

Over the course of this year, LANtastic 7.0, remote diagnostic tool CoSession Remote, LAN (local area network) modem and telephone line sharing software ModemShare, and Internet connection sharing utility i.Share will all gain NT-related enhancements. They include improved user interfaces, increased performance, and support for Winsock 2.2.

The company announced 32-bit Windows 95 and NT releases earlier this year. The current strategy builds on that effort, as the company seeks to regain a foothold in the market.

Artisoft officials noted the acceptance of Windows NT in small businesses makes it a requirement for software suppliers to offer tools that integrate with the popular operating system and facilitate an upgrade path to NT.