Armin van Buuren mixes it up with new Philips M1x-DJ iPad decks

Superstar DJ Armin van Buuren hit the wheels of steel at IFA 2013 to announce the Philips M1x-DJ.

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BERLIN -- Want to be the next superstar DJ? Dutch trance DJ Armin van Buuren is looking to train future competition with the Philips M1x-DJ, an iPad mixing deck dropping beats at technology rave IFA 2013.

Armin van Buuren hits the decks with Philips M1x-DJ (pictures)

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Developed by van Buuren in collaboration with Philips, the portable M1X-DJ unit includes twin turntables and speakers, and comes with the Algoriddim DJing app.

The mini-mixer includes a cue button to match trancey dancey tunes from each turntable ready to drop your next beat. Other beat-matching features include a BPM counter and tempo adjustment slider to help you bring "American Pie" into "Come On Eileen" at just the perfect note.

If you're more wedding DJ than superstar DJ, there's also a sync button to help cheat at mixing.

Other features of the M1x-DJ include echo and flange buttons for that swoooosssssh noise DJs love to employ on the ones and twos. If you're particularly pleased with your latest mashup of phat choons, you can record and share your mixes on social networks. But please don't.