Are you ready to claim YOUR share of the Billions in Revenue on the internet?

How do you tell the difference between a "business opportunity" and a scam?

Mark Cuban
Mark Cuban co-founded Broadcast.com, a provider of online multimedia and streaming services, which was sold to Yahoo! in July of 1999. Prior to that, he co-founded systems integrator MicroSolutions, in 1983, and later sold it to CompuServe. He is the currently the owner of the Dallas Mavericks, and writes a blog at www.blogmaverick.com.
Mark Cuban

That's what invitation from C. R. Sanderson said. Its also the invitation I had been waiting on for a long time.

Why ? Because it came from StoresOnline. StoresOnline is a public company that i have been short in the past, but currently don't have a position in. I was short the stock of this company because I always believed that it was a company that specialized in ripping off people who didn't know any better with claims of grabbing their "Share of the Billions in Revenue on the Internet"

I wasn't the only one to question their business model. There are a long list of people who are questioning Storesonline and how they treat consumers.

The biggest hurdle that StoresOnline faces, IMHO however, is the battle they have with the state of Utah over whether or not they are a "business opportunity".

Storesonline claims they only sell software. Now personally, i have never received an email from a legit ecommerce software company making the above claim. I haven't read anywhere else but in my StoresOnline invitation how I can " learn how half a million people generate income using the Internet !". Nowhere else do software vendors claim that "Your opportunities to make money are virtually limitless !"

Does that sound like a business opportunity pitch to you ?

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