Apple's WWDC keynote: What didn't we get?

A slew of new products and services took the spotlight at Apple's 2013 Worldwide Developers Conference on Monday. But the company still left some things unsaid.

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Lance Whitney
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Tim Cook introduces iOS 7 at WWDC 2013.
Apple's Tim Cook introduces iOS 7 at WWDC 2013. James Martin/CNET

Apple touted several new and improved products at its keynote event at the Worldwide Developers Conference on Monday, from a revamped iOS design to a music streaming service to a new MacBook Air. But some items were noticeably missing in action.

Apple revealed several changes to its MacBook Air, including the adoption of Intel's fourth-generation Core "Haswell" processor, built-in support for Wi-Fi 802.11ac, and beefier battery life. But the new version of Apple's ultrabook will be stuck with the same resolution as always since the Retina Display wasn't on the list of enhancements.

Although Apple touted a new Mac Pro, the company didn't announce anything new for the MacBook Pro. Mingchi Kuo of KGI Securities, an analyst who's usually on the money, predicted a slimmer design for the MacBook Pro as well as an upgrade to Intel's Haswell chip. But Apple didn't even mention its Pro notebook at the WWDC keynote event.

Apple was also mum with details on any new devices outside of its Mac lineup. So, there were no tidbits about an iPhone 5S, a low-cost iPhone, or new iPads or iPad Minis. Plus, no peeks at an Apple smartwatch or the much-rumored Apple television set. Earlier this year, Kuo and fellow Apple analyst Gene Munster had been eyeing a June announcement for a new iPhone.

But the lack of news about these products wasn't exactly a surprise.

At Apple's quarterly earnings announcement on April 23, CEO Tim Cook specifically said the company would announce some new products this fall. That means we likely won't hear a peep about new iPhones, iPads, or other gadgets until the summer is over.

Are there any other missing products you expected Apple to announce at Monday's keynote event? Let us know in the comments section.