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Apple's iPad Mini said to be made by Pegatron, Foxconn

A Taiwanese news report says that assembler Pegatron scored 50 percent to 60 percent of production orders on the iPad Mini, Foxconn will supposedly get the rest.

This mockup shows what an iPad Mini would likely look like alongside a regular sized iPad.

As chatter continues about the possibility of Apple's iPad Mini, Taiwan's Economic Daily News wrote today that much of the device's production is said to be done by the assembler Pegatron rather than Foxconn, suggesting that the device is already in production or just about to be.

Engadget picked up this information, saying the Taiwanese paper reported that Pegatron scored 50 percent to 60 percent of production orders on the iPad Mini. Up until now, Foxconn was the only iPad assembler Apple used. The Economic Daily News also wrote that between the two manufacturers, up to 5 million iPad Minis could be made each month.

Pegatron could also get its hands into iPhone 5 production. Apparently, 53 million iPhone 5s are scheduled to be shipped this year, which means more than one manufacturer will be needed to keep up with supply.

This isn't the first time reports have revealed that Pegatron might start making Apple products. In May, there were claims that the assembler would be taking part in the production of the iPhone 5, iPad, and the "7-inch iPad." The regular size iPad is 10 inches.

Rumor has it that the iPad Mini could appear as early as next month, potentially obliterating Amazon's Kindle Fire and other competitors in the 7-inch tablet market. CNET's Rick Broida prophesied that pricing for the device will most likely start at $349, and could quite possibly reach $399.

Apple has stuck to its customary silence on the matter, deciding instead to let the rumor mill build up the hype for it. Still, CNET has contacted Apple for comment. We will update this story when we have more information.