Apple's iPad makes its debut (video roundup)

A collection of videos of Apple CEO Steve Jobs introducing the iPad and showing off what the new tablet device can do.

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After months of speculation about an upcoming Apple tablet, CEO Steve Jobs took the stage at a press event Wednesday to unveil just that. The iPad, as it's called, is a slim slate-style device that has all the features of an iPod Touch mixed with an e-book reader. Here is a collection of videos of Jobs introducing the iPad and showing off what it can do.

Apple iPad unveiled
Apple CEO Steve Jobs debuts the much-anticipated Apple tablet.

Watch this: Apple iPad unveiled

Apple iPad Web-browsing features
Jobs sits down with the new Apple tablet and shows off its Web-browsing, e-mail, and keyboard features.

Watch this: Apple iPad Web-browsing features

Apple iPad: The bottom line
Jobs sums up all the features and pricing of the new Apple tablet.

Watch this: Apple iPad: The bottom line

A look at video on the iPad
Jobs talks up the iPad's video features, including YouTube streaming and the ability to watch movies and TV shows via the iTunes Store.

Watch this: A look at video on the iPad

iPad gets 'Need for Speed' and 'At Bat'
New versions of two popular games in the iTunes App Store, "Need for Speed" and "At Bat," get upgraded for Apple's new iPad.

Watch this: iPad gets Need for Speed and At Bat

iPad takes on Amazon with e-reader features, bookstore
Jobs shows off the company's new iBooks app. Users can browse, read reviews, read a sample excerpt, or just buy books--and the book downloads to a virtual "book shelf."

Watch this: Apple iPad's e-reader, bookstore

Apple iPad: Is it for you?
CNET's Brian Tong, Ina Fried, and Josh Lowensohn discuss whether Apple's iPad will have people lining up to buy it when it's released in the spring.

Watch this: Apple iPad: Is it for you?

Apple iPad announcement wrap-up
We'll break down all the latest information about Apple's newest shiny toy: the iPad.

Watch this: Apple iPad announcement wrap-up