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Apple's iPad '4G' branding changes across Europe

The "4G" branding skirmish in Europe is finally over as the tech giant switches the wording on its tablets for sale from "Wi-Fi + 4G" to "WiFi + Cellular."

Dara Kerr Former senior reporter
Dara Kerr was a senior reporter for CNET covering the on-demand economy and tech culture. She grew up in Colorado, went to school in New York City and can never remember how to pronounce gif.
Dara Kerr

The whole "iPad Wi-Fi + 4G isn't a real thing" debacle is coming to a close across Europe. Apple has finished changing the wording of the kind of service the iPad offers across all European online stores, according to The Next Web.

Now, all the old "4G" branding is "Wi-Fi + Cellular."

The melee began in March when the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission said Apple was violating the Australian Consumer Law by misleadingly labeling its new iPad as 4G-capable -- the crux being that there aren't any 4G networks compatible with the device in Australia.

Soon other countries joined in with complaints, including the U.K. and Sweden. It didn't take long for Apple to relent. The 4G branding was changed in Australia first, then the U.K., and now the rest of Europe's residents no longer have to see the pesky "Wi-Fi + 4G" when they shop on Apple's country-specific online stores.

Besides Europe, changes were also made in the U.S., Canada, United Arab Emirates, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, New Zealand, Malaysia, Ireland, and Hong Kong, according to The Next Web.

Italy was one of the most recent countries to get the "4G" branding change. Screenshot by Dara Kerr/CNET

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