Apple's developer site stirs back to life after downtime

After more than a week of downtime, Apple's bringing back some major parts of its developer site and connected services.

Josh Lowensohn Former Senior Writer
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Josh Lowensohn
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Major parts of Apple's developer site flipped back online Friday afternoon after more than a week of downtime.

The developer sites for iOS, Mac, and Safari development once again became available, alongside downloads for upcoming versions of Apple's desktop and mobile software. Apple also brought back tools that let developers set up new devices to test their software, a crucial development tool.

Apple took down its developer site and more than a dozen connected services last week following the discovery of a security intrusion that may have resulted in unauthorized access to some developer information.

While offline, some developers were left in a lurch because they were unable to enable new devices to run pre-release versions of Apple's software or test out new apps. The downtime also came as Apple has been pushing developers to test out and create software for upcoming versions of iOS and Mac OS X, both of which are expected in the fall.

Apple has still not detailed the full scope of that intrusion, which it says took place last Thursday, nor has it said who is responsible. However the company said the developer site was "not associated with any customer information," and that customer information is "securely encrypted."

Still offline is technical support, Apple's developer forums, pre-release documentation, videos, and several other services, all according to Apple's status page. The company has said it's bringing the full scope of its development services back online in stages, though it has not laid out a timeline.

Update at 3:40 p.m. PT: Here's the e-mail Apple's sending developers about it: