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Apple's colorful iPhone 5C cases arriving early?

Despite reports that the multihued rubber cases would be delayed one to two weeks, some folks are already getting their hands on them.

Apple's iPhone 5C cases.

While there was talk that Apple's official iPhone 5C cases were going to be a bit delayed, it appears these colorful rubber cases are now arriving in some people's hands.

News site iLounge said it received the black version of the silicon with a microfiber lining 5C case on Monday. Last week, it was reported that there were one- to two-week shipping delays on the iPhone 5C cases.

While iLounge has already received one of the cases, Apple's online store says that ship time is still one to two weeks. It's unclear if customers will get their cases any earlier.

Besides black, the $29 iPhone 5C cases will also come in five other colors, including pink, green, and yellow. The cases have cutouts in the lower half so that much of the phone's body still shines through. iPhone 5S owners also will get a choice of six solid color cases, but they will be made of leather and cost $39 each.

Apple recently debuted two new models of the iPhone, a less-expensive 5C and the higher-end 5S, both of which are a replacement to last year's iPhone 5, which has been discontinued. The 5C is the only device up for preorder, with Apple planning to begin sales of the 5S model at 12:01 a.m. PT on Friday, Sept. 20, as well as through its carrier partners.

The 5C phones appear to be shipping on time. As of this writing, according to Apple's online store, the devices will be delivered on September 20.

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