Apple wins injunction against Samsung in Australia

Judge's ruling means Galaxy Tab 10.1 will be kept off retailer shelves Down Under until patent case is heard.

Luke Hopewell
Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1 Android tablet. T-Mobile

Apple won an interlocutory injunction Thursday by the Federal Court of Australia against Samsung and its Galaxy Tab 10.1, which will see the product held off Australian shelves until a full patent case can be heard.

Justice Annabelle Bennett read from a summary judgment text in Sydney, saying she had evenly weighed the balance of convenience to determine which party would be most inconvenienced by a judgment made either way.

Bennett said that if the Tab 10.1 were in fact released while a full patent case was prepared, the damage to Apple would be significant. Likewise, if the Tab 10.1 was held off of the shelves, Samsung would be deprived revenue it would have gained by selling the device.

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