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Apple updates with Keynote playback

Apple's online service has been updated, giving users the ability to view shared Keynote presentations. Users can also post uploaded documents to their Web sites.

Apple today sent a note to users of its public beta program informing them of updates made to the system.

There were two major features added to Keynote presentation playback and new publishing options, according to the e-mail sent by Apple.

With Keynote '09 presentation playback, users viewing your shared Keynote documents will be able to see the presentations as they were meant to be viewed, with animations, video, hyperlinks, and audio if those are part of your presentation.

Playback is supported using the latest version of Safari on the Mac and PC. You can also view the presentation using an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch, which allows you to swipe the screen to advance the slides. will also now allow users to create a public link so you are able to share the uploaded documents on social-media sites. You can also use the supplied embed code to post your shared documents on your Web site.

You will need an Apple ID to access your space. Using Apple's iWork suite of applications, you can post documents to the service by going to the Share menu and choosing "Share via"