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Apple touted 'quiet' presence at mobile confab it didn't attend

An internal Apple document profiling a mobile phone trade show notes that the company was keeping a close eye on its image.

James Martin/CNET

SAN JOSE, Calif.--There has been very little shortage of internal documents from the trial between Apple and Samsung, and today came with another goodie.

In an internal report from the 3GSM Congress Trade Show in 2007 (mis-marked as 2006 in evidence, as discussed here in court today), Apple does some chest-thumping, pointing out the fact that even though it was not there, the company's presence was the talk of the town.

"Although Apple was not present showcasing the iPhone, we were quietly setting the tone and were mentioned in each media, operator and handset vendor discussion," the company wrote in a slide titled "iPhone present, but not present..."

In the same slide, the company boasts that "1 in 10 words during the 4 days trade show were either iPhone, Apple or DRM," and that carriers went out of their way to say nice things about the iPhone so that they wouldn't be left off the list of those to carry it.

"All operators giving very positive comments as they do not want to spill their chances of ranging the iPhone," the bullet point reads.

Samsung brought out the presentation earlier today as part of its continued evidence suggesting that Apple looked to others in the design of its devices. Apple has targeted the company for copying the look and feel of the iPhone and iPad in its complaint, which could be decided by a jury as soon as the first half of next week.

Apple famously announced an end to its keynote appearances at the annual MacWorld Expo at the end of 2008, saying that "trade shows have become a very minor part of how Apple reaches its customers," while citing its retail stores and Apple.com Web site as more effective means to get attention.

Since then, extra attention has been paid when the company does actually show up at conferences and trade shows put on by others. That includes interviews at the All Things Digital "D" conference series, as well as executives spotted at trade shows like CES. Most recently the company sent an official to the Black Hat security conference to talk iOS security, however that presentation ended up being a tad underwhelming.

You can read the whole report embedded below: