Apple seeds Mountain Lion to AppleCare reps

The upcoming new flavor of OS X has been supplied to AppleCare reps to install on their work computers, says 9to5Mac.

Lance Whitney
Lance Whitney Contributing Writer
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Mountain Lion is reportedly one step closer to roaring its way onto the consumer market.

The new version of OS X has been sent to AppleCare representatives to use on their computers at work, according to 9to5Mac. This golden master build sent to employees through a redeem code is the same one offered to developers on July 9, the blogging site added.

Apple workers and other people have already been checking out the new OS via Apple's Seed program, which gives participants a chance to test new software and provide feedback. But Apple store employees who volunteer for that program must use their own personal computers for testing.

Apple shed some light on Mountain Lion at WWDC last month, announcing that it would be available from the Mac App Store sometime this month for $19.99. That gives the company little more than a week left to push out the OS.

A recent report from 9to5Mac pointed to this Wednesday, July 25, as the launch date based on reports that Apple retail store employees were told to plan for an "overnight" on July 24.

As a further clue noted by 9to5Mac, Apple will announce its fiscal third-quarter earnings tomorrow, July 24. Last year the company unveiled its earnings on July 19 and launched OS X Lion on July 20.