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Apple reportedly acquires maps company, note-taking app

While Apple has kept mum on many of its acquisitions this year, a report from 9to5Mac says BroadMap and Catch are two of its purchases.

James Martin / CNET

Apple acquired two companies in the areas of mapping and note-taking, according to a post 9to5Mac published Monday.

Following a trail of Internet breadcrumbs and citing unnamed sources, the first company mentioned in 9to5Mac's report is BroadMap, which specializes in managing and analyzing mapping data. It's an area that Apple has struggled with in the past -- the tech titan found out the hard way that its mapping feature was not up to snuff. Apple likely acquired Broadmap in the first half of 2013, said 9to5Mac.

The second company is Catch, an Evernote competitor that was acquired by Apple in the last few months, said 9to5Mac. The company shut down the app in August, and several of its employees are now at Apple, according to 9to5Mac's sources.

CNET has contacted Apple and BroadMap and will update this report when we have more information.

During Apple's fourth-quarter earnings conference call, CEO Tim Cook said the company had made 15 "strategic acquisitions" this year -- though Cook didn't say who the companies were. If 9to5Mac's sleuthing is correct, we can cross two more revealed companies off the list.