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Apple pitches iOS 7 features to schools, businesses

With iOS 7 still months away from a release, Apple is already making the pitch to schools and businesses to get ready for it.

With iOS 7 still taking shape, Apple's already begun making the pitch to schools and businesses to use it.

In two new pages that went up on Apple's Web site Wednesday, the company highlights, for both groups, some of the changes and new features in the upcoming software, even though iOS 7 is still in development.

One of the main focuses of the new documents is how schools and businesses can roll out apps to users through the App Store, which comes pre-installed on all of Apple's devices.

The company also highlights single sign-ons for apps, new iOS features like AirDrop, and existing services that have been tweaked, like Mail and AirPlay.

None of this is new to developers, of course. They've had the software, and access to the new programming tools, since WWDC. However, the new pages are notable given that the software isn't even out yet, or even finalized in some of its features according to reports.

The new pages come following some criticism of iOS 7, which is substantially different in appearance from previous versions of the operating system. At its annual developers conference earlier this month, where iOS 7 debuted, Apple made a point of showing that nearly all iOS users (93 percent) were running on iOS 6 after nine months of availability. That suggests users will be quick to upgrade when iOS 7 arrives.

iOS 7 is expected to be released just ahead of new iPhone hardware. Last year's iOS 6 came in late-September, just days ahead of the iPhone 5 going on sale.