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Apple opens iPad to iAds

Apple's iAds are now running on the company's iPad. Unilever and the NCAA will be the first on the platform with other companies following in the coming weeks.

iAds are now appearing on the Apple iPad.
iAds are now appearing on the Apple iPad.

Apple's iPad is now open for business. The first iAd--an ad created on Apple's mobile-advertising platform--showed up on the device today, with more on the way.

The first company to put out an iAd is Unilever, maker of Dove Men+Care. The company is working with the National Collegiate Athletic Association to give users an up-close view of three of its stars. Earvin "Magic" Johnson, John Thompson III, and Bobby Hurley will be highlighted in a new series of video ads called "Journey to Comfort."

Clearly the timing of the iAds and the partnership with the NCAA come at a good time, as March Madness kicks off.

In addition to watching videos, Unilever added Trivia Timeout to its iAd, where users will be asked to answer NCAA-themed questions. Fans can also access the Game Day Fan Zone where they can view daily game schedules.

The Unilever iAd is the first on the iPad, but Apple confirmed for CNET that more iAds would be launching in the coming weeks.