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Apple offers free two- to three-day shipping on all products

The holiday promotion applies to everything in Apple's online store -- even gear like the new iMacs that aren't available right away.

Apple's offering free two-to-three-day shipping.
Apple's offering free two- to three-day shipping.
Screenshot by Don Reisinger/CNET

Apple's online store is offering free two- to three-day shipping on all of the products it carries.

The iPhone maker is promoting the deal on its home page today, saying that choosing the fast-shipping option will, in most cases, ensure customers get the products they desire "in time for the holidays."

Apple was quick to point out that the deal is available on everything in its store -- even those products, like the company's newly updated iMacs, that are either not available to ship soon or won't be available until next month.

To help customers find out when they need to order products with the free offer in order to get them by Christmas Day, Apple has also published a handy chart. Most of the company's devices, including the iPhone 5 and MacBook Air, can be purchased within the next several days to ensure they're delivered on time.