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Apple: No clear strategy

With all eyes looking to Steve Jobs for a sign of Apple Computer's future, the events at Macworld Expo in Boston didn't let anyone down.

A cash infusion from Microsoft, a new board, and a tough stand on clone makers have combined to ensure that Apple remains the talk of Silicon Valley. But a clear turnaround strategy has yet to emerge after Macworld Expo in Boston. CNET's NEWS.COM follows all the steps in its ongoing special coverage.

Second coming of Jobs

Latest developments
•  Jobs memo outlines cost-cutting
•  Apple to see more red
•  Readers split on Apple deal update
•  Power Computing IPO at risk
•  Mac OS 8 sales on fire
•  MS Mac support may change little update
•  Apple product strategy still murky
•  Apple stock slips after gains update
•  Why is Wall St. hot on Apple? news analysis
•  Apple to cloners: Drop dead
•  Steve Jobs, then and now
A day of transition
•  Microsoft invests $150 million
•  Ellison, York join new board
•  Jobs speech offers tough love news analysis
•  Mixed reaction to new Apple strategy update
•  Millions more may use Explorer
•  Interviews and analysis CNET Radio
Clone war rages
•  Apple gets tough on cloning
•  Cloners, Apple haggle over software update
•  Mac cloners take charge
•  Motorola debuts clones with "CHRP" OS
•  New PowerPC chips put to work
Products roll out
•  Apple unleashes 350-MHz machine
•  Motorola to show laptop clone
•  New PowerPC chips debut update
•  UMAX shows $1,000 Mac clones
Rocky road to Macworld
•  The history of Apple timeline
•  Jobs rejects chairman post July 31, 1997
•  Amelio defends his record July 29, 1997
•  The state of Apple's books July 16, 1997
•  Amelio, Hancock resign July 12, 1997
•  Apple execs criticize Amelio March 14, 1997
•  The Apple-Next deal December 20, 1996