Apple in talks to acquire company behind Microsoft's Kinect

The iPhone maker has reportedly offered $280 million to acquire Israel-based 3D-sensor company Primesense.

Don Reisinger
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Don Reisinger
The company behind the Kinect might soon belong to Apple.
The company behind the Kinect might soon belong to Apple. Josh Lowensohn/CNET

Apple could be treading on Microsoft's territory before long.

Apple has offered $280 million to acquire Primesense, an Israel-based 3D-sensor company, the newspaper Calcalist reported Tuesday, citing people familiar with the negotiations. According to that report, Apple has designs on including the sensor technology in some of its products and would rather acquire the company than license its services.

That stands in stark contrast to Microsoft, which used Primesense's technology to help bring its Kinect sensor to the market. The technology is also available in 3D scanners, iRobot's Ava, and the Asus Xtion. It's not clear how those products would be affected if Apple ends up acquiring Primesense.

Apple has found Israel to be a veritable treasure trove: last year, the company confirmed that it acquired Israel-based flash storage maker Anobit for $400 million.

(Via The Verge)