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Apple granted patent for Google Glass-like device

Everyone's thinking about wearing technology. Apple is the latest to show an interest in wearable computing.

Screenshot by Donna Tam/CNET

Following Google's stunt-filled Google Glass demo, Apple is showing that it's also thinking about glasses, according to a patent granted today.

The patent application, filed on October 13, 2006, is for a wearable computing device that allows an image to be projected in a "head-mounted display apparatus." Sounds like cyborg status for sure.

The device will receive and process data to generate images on the display mounted in front of the user's eyes.

As The Next Web points out, the device's description indicates that the glasses would be less of a mobile display than Google's glasses and more like a personalized computer display.

Wearable displays used to be something of the far off future, but with the interest of companies like Google, Apple and maybe even Microsoft, it's quickly becoming a reality.

See the full patent application below.