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Apple fixing cracks in white plastic MacBooks

Small cracks began appearing in certain places on 13-inch MacBooks in 2006, but Apple is now willing to fix the problem even if your warranty has expired.

Apple service representatives are apparently now acknowledging cracks in the 13-inch white plastic MacBook.

Apple has apparently begun to acknowledge the existence of small white cracks in older plastic MacBooks, according to a report.

AppleInsider says Apple service providers started receiving notices last month that the plastic chassis on the white 13-inch MacBook released in 2006 can crack in four different spots. Apple had previously helped out users who had noticed hairline cracks around the trackpad on the top of the notebook, but did not acknowledge cracks in other places as a design flaw, according to AppleInsider.

Now the company is telling its service agents to inspect any white plastic MacBooks they receive for thin cracks and service those notebooks even if the warranty has expired, according to the report. That doesn't mean you can get a new MacBook if you dropped it off the table, but it could provide some relief to those put off by the small cracks.

Apple still sells the white plastic MacBook for $999, but has since moved the rest of its notebook designs to an aluminum unibody design that is believed to be much more sturdy.