Apple extends iWatch trademark filings to more countries

Trademark filings for Apple's much-rumored smartwatch are wending their way around the globe.

Lance Whitney Contributing Writer
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Lance Whitney
A mockup showing what an Apple iWatch might look like.
A mockup showing what an Apple iWatch might look like. Sarah Tew and Christopher MacManus/CNET

Apple's iWatch is already making a name for itself, at least when it comes to trademark filings.

Applications to trademark the iWatch moniker have popped up in Mexico, Taiwan, and Turkey, according to the folks at 9to5Mac and MacRumors. The filings in Mexico and Taiwan directly list Apple as the applicant, while the one in Turkey came from an attorney who has worked with Apple in the past. All three were filed on June 3.

Columbia also appears to be on the list, according to a 9to5Mac reader who linked to the filing document. These four new trademark requests follow a report of a filing in Japan discovered last week. A report from earlier in June said that Apple had filed a trademark for the iWatch in Russia.

Several analysts and Apple watchers have pegged the launch of an iWatch for sometime later this year. And in the opinion of one analyst, the decision to move ahead with production may have already been made.

"We believe iWatch is in a greater state of readiness, with the supply chain now waiting for the production go-ahead from Apple," Citi analyst Glen Yeung said in an investors note released June 7. "We suspect the go/no-go decision will be made in June and are leaning toward a 'go' outcome at this time."

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