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Apple explores 30 years of the Mac with video shot via iPhones

Apple recruits 15 film crews armed with 100 iPhones to shoot footage of the Mac in action around the world in just one day.

Screenshot by Lance Whitney/CNET

Apple used the iPhone to compose a Happy 30th Birthday ode to the Mac.

Appearing Monday on Apple's Web site, the 90-second video takes us around the world as we watch people of different ages and nationalities using the Mac in their personal and professional lives. We peek in on kids, students, designers, researchers, inventors, and musicians tapping into the Mac with some scenes of the iPhone and iPad as well. The video ends by telling us that it was all shot in one day using iPhones.

A follow-up page explains that on January 24, 15 camera crews trekked around the world to shoot more than 70 hours of footage all with the iPhone 5s. In total, they covered 15 locations on 5 continents in the space of 36 hours, accounting for time differences.

The director of this mobile production was Jake Scott, son of famed Hollywood director Ridley Scott, who shot Apple's famous "1984" Super Bowl spot more than 30 years ago. The younger Scott was able to direct all of the shots remotely using FaceTime, according to Apple. The footage was sent back to the studios where a team of 21 editors snipped it into just 90 seconds.

The real story here is less about a celebration of the Mac and more about the techniques used to shoot the video using mobile devices with a director who supervised the production remotely.

"Many involved in the production believe this innovative approach to a multilocation shoot will be adopted by other filmmakers," Apple said on its Web site.

(Via Recode)